A bundle of barbed wire abandoned in the middle of I-40 Captures the rare eloquence of my hometown. Where the greatest minds of nuclear science gather Alongside passels and rabbit herds. See that hawk there. The headless squirrel in its beak Reminds you not to leave the dog outside too long. In the herbarium theyContinue reading “Knoxville”

Beach Wedding

In my dream, You told me she and what’s-his-name Were seen together at the Lamon’s in Turkey Creek. Incredible, how hurt radiates like ripples on the water And grief lands heavy with a splash.

Sparks Above the District

Cigarette ends omit an amberesque glow Barely bright enough to illuminate The white trash vaudevillians carrying on in the dark. Whisky tinted eyes blur her rosé hair Into a firecracker tail streaking down 2nd Ave. Our superficial sojourn becomes legend in one runny mascara blink. On a hill overlooking the Cumberland, We throw up ourContinue reading “Sparks Above the District”

This Poor Pepper

Published in The Pigeon Parade Quarterly: Heal The molding banana pepper Sits, deflated, in the crisper drawer. I wish I could wave a hand over it And restore it to a past life. Back to when it was plump and spicy, Or a bulge swelling off a stem. Now any vitality that remains Is foodContinue reading “This Poor Pepper”


Published in The Pigeon Parade Quarterly: Bleed I am done, then undone; Healed, then opened. Each interaction like shears Cutting fresh stitches from the time before. I see you and my body prepares for hurt. You are visceral. I try to keep it covered I try to keep it in. The physician reminds me, casually,Continue reading “Trauma”