5 am and I'm crying when I wake. 
Metaphor’s too gentle
For what I want to say.
There's simplicity in the simile
Like cracks in glass.
I've got nothing left to offer
Save the truth and my past.

Like drums that beat and sirens blare,
Like ripping nails, falling hair.
Starving and forcing my body to sleep,
Begging some asshole not to leave.

Like agony and “thicker skin.”
Like losing every time I win. 
Lonely nights and lonely days.
Daydreaming my own wake.

Haven't you ever wanted to say,
Exactly what you felt?
No critical eyes or bad advice,
No judgment being dealt.
Haven't you ever noticed,
I smile when I lie?
No. Because I'm smiling,
All the fucking time.

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