This Website is a Crime Scene

This first thing you notice when you enter Is the biting pickle-stench of formalin. Next your eyes process the skinned body on the wall. Third is the murmuring ambience of cold forensics while you work. Finally, your hands grip the smooth dossier. You are reading it aloud: At 6 p.m. the victim was discovered byContinue reading “This Website is a Crime Scene”

Humanus ex Machina

My Byronic hero was a bionic man. His steam powered heart, clad in adamantine defense, Repelled every minor assault like nuclear Armageddon. His iron calves flexed hard, propelling him in endless loops Through a roundabout of ambivalence, Crashing into stone walls that fell prostrate at his feet. Each evening I’d rest against him, Hear hisContinue reading “Humanus ex Machina”

The Dog Dies

“I trust you” Decadent words. Like food offered, gently To an oft-beaten dog. I am wary. Yet, I long to be someone who trusts. Who bounds toward others full speed. Thoughtless. Tail wagging and eyes open wide. So I trust you, too. I trust you Until struck between the eyes. I’ll love you like OldContinue reading “The Dog Dies”